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In collaboration with West Chelsea Artists Open Studios and local artists, Burger & Lobster Restaurant located at 39 West 19th Street will host its annual Art Series, August 8-31, 2016 presenting photographs by Cynthia Cincotti, Laurance Hoffmann, Claudio Napoli and David Zimbalist. The photography exhibition will be on view from August 8 - 31, 2016.

Burger & Lobster has always been involved with the community and continues to do the same in New York City. Founded by four childhood friends, all entrepreneurs where the arts have always played a role in their life. Burger & Lobster is involved in several community programs and non-profit organizations.

Burger & Lobster’s Art Series gives patrons the opportunity to view works by local artists, and purchase the works on view in support of artists who live and work in New York.

The Burger & Lobster restaurant concept was founded in London where the restaurant offers only three items at one price, $20; A Lobster, A Lobster Roll and a 10oz Burger served with Fries and salad.

39 West 19th Street, 646 833-7532,



Join Us for the 2016 Summer Art Season and step inside the Artist's Studio!

The artists of West Chelsea Artists Open Studios invite the public to step inside their private studios during the summer 2016 art season.

Located in the heart of the West Chelsea Arts district, where visitors will have exclusive access to over 60 private artists' studios in more than 10 buildings.

On this self-guided tour, visitors will have exclusive access to private artists' studios based in the heart of the West Chelsea Arts District. The artists will open their doors to the public on Saturday, Sunday, June 11 - 12, 2016.

The self guided tour begins at the West Chelsea Arts Building on West 26th Street. Pick up the MAP and event information in the lobbies at 508 and 516 West 26th St. and begin your artists' studio tour.

You can also pick up the MAP at the WestBeth Artists building at 55 Bethune St. and start your art tour there and take the High Line Park to the West Chelsea Art district, (26th Street High Line exit), to visit other opens studios.

Artists' Open Studios Tour Guide Locations Map

Download the MAP


LaThoriel Badenhausen

Vicky Barranguet

Sherry Camhy

Ayn S. Choi

Bob Clyatt

Cynthia Cincotti

Elisa Decker

Rodney Durso

Teresa Dunn

Eda Erdik

Camille Eskell

Zane Fix

Andra Gabrielle

Darcy Gerbarg

Peter Glebo

Wilson Hand Kidde

Marion Lane

Franco Lacosta

Adrienne Leban

Iris Levinson

Tinia Marmolejo

Roberta Marroquin

Xanda McCagg

Patrick Milbourn

Catherine Mosley

Scotto Mycklebust

Pamela Acheson Myers

Avri Ohana

Melinda Plant

International Print Center NY

Fernando Rangel

Frank Rivera

Veronique San Leandro

Gareb Shamus

Gabriel J. Shuldiner

John L. Silver

Brandon Soloff

Jos Stumpe

Amanda Tiller

Tommy Tune

Isabel Turban

Ellen Weider

Wayne Young

Odele Zhang

Archive of some of the participating artists studios.

Adrienne Leban, TLS Gallery studio, 278 West 25th Street, 2nd floor stairs

Veronique San Leandro's studio, 526 West 26th Street, studio 512

Scotto Mycklebust's studios, 526 West 26th Street, studio 511

Paperwork Projects's studios, 236 West 27th Street, studio 606

Greg Kessler's studio, Westbeth, 55 Bethune street, H217


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